“Every party has a pooper, that’s why we invited you . . .”

28 05 2009

Everybody sing with me:ย  “. . . Party pooper!”

T-minus one month and counting.

I’m currently watching Father of the Bride (I’m getting it in while I can since I’m pretty sure Steve Martin is banned from 4201 Lee Highway #104) and feeling like this crazy scene is my life. Because not only am I watching this fun film, but I’m also putting together a slide show for my bridal shower this weekend, compiling an Etsy order of various supplies in order to finish up some (but certainly not all) of my craft projects, writing checks to vendors, and of course blogging! Whew. My to-do list is getting longer instead of shorter, which is great fun. But enough of this, time to get back to it all, because before I know it June 27th will be here. Of course, I know the date will arrive whether I get all this random crap these wedding-related tasks get done or not, and I know that that day will be amazing regardless.

Bring it on.

P.S.- My sincere apologies to those of you who were waiting patiently for part 2 of “Location, Location, Location”, and for any and all resulting confusion in its lack of publication. I will try and do a short synopsis of what lead us from those lovely pictures of mountains and water to a terrain with only mountains, i.e. Santillane and the Kyle House, so you all know where we are actually getting married!




4 responses

2 06 2009

I love “Father of the Bride”! ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t let Kirk be the Grinch and ban it — fight back! ๐Ÿ˜› Or just watch it when he’s not home?

I can’t wait for your beautiful wedding! I am so excited to see and celebrate with you both!


3 06 2009
Jennifer Becker

I totally sang along because I do say that quote to people very often. LOVE that movie! Fronk is awesome.

Can’t wait to see you guys SOON! Good luck with all the last minute stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

12 06 2009
Mitch & Lin Walker

Kirk and Erin,

I apologize for the late response to your invitation, I had hoped to attend. However, We have been waiting for confirmation of a surgery date for Lin to have a knee replaced. We just learned it is to be June 22, 2009. I must be here to assist Lin on her recuperation as she moves around the house for at least a couple weeks. So under these circumstances I must decline your invitation.

I congratulate you both on your marriage and wish for your now and future happiness.

I assume I will see you both in the not distant future when you visit Tim and Barb.

Please email me when you will be in Fenton?

Peace be to you both,

Mitch for:
Lin & Mitch Walker
808 Whisperwood Dr.
Fenton, MI 48430-2277

13 06 2009


Thanks so much for your message. We hope that Lin recuperates quickly and that you both have a wonderful beginning to your summer. Thank you very much for your congratulations and wishes, and you will most certainly see us when we do come home to Michigan for a visit, which we do hope to be very soon.

Give Lin our best and thanks again for your message!

Kirk and Erin

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